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Neuro-cognitive Assessment for Fitness to Drive

The assessment focuses on identifying and assessing basic cognitive functions essential for safe driving.

The assessment includes measuring visual perception, praxis skills, and executive function which correspond to the ability to move a car and act appropriately in traffic. The performance on the test provides an indication about an individual's ability to drive which may be impaired through stroke, brain injury, dementia, etc.

The assessment comprises of completing simple tests.

The Assessment Process 

The assessment lasts 1.5 hours. The process will involve:

- Testing through completion of various simple tasks

- Discussion of patient's struggles guided through structured questions


The patient will be asked to provide the following:

- Completed questionnaires which will be emailed when appointment is confirmed

- Any previous psychometric and psychological assessment reports

- Any medical reports relevant to neuro-psychological functioning

 These can be emailed back or photocopies to be returned on the day of the appointment.


 A comprehensive report outlining the results of the testing process, diagnosis and how the patient meets/does not meet criteria and treatment recommendations will be provided within a week of testing.


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